Community Arts Preschool at Heather Farm

Community Arts Preschool at Heather Farm is a play-based program with an emphasis in the arts. Students develop social and emotional skills through hands-on, personal and interactive experiences while cognitive development is fostered through project-based learning in a language rich environment. Heather Farm Preschool is uniquely located in Walnut Creek’s beautiful Heather Farm Park. The environment is truly the “third educator” for our young learners at Heather Farm as nature walks and outdoor play is a regular part of the curriculum. The natural environment offers children multiple entry points for interest driven developmental learning including investigations of life in nature, gardening, and wildlife observations.

Community Arts Preschool at Heather Farm offers two programs (Twos and Mixed Age) and operates five days a week throughout the year. All classes are half-day (3 hours) mornings only.

Twos Class (24 - 35 months)

For many young children entering our Twos class, this will be their first experience in a school setting without their parents accompanying them. Emphasis is placed on social/emotional development, helping to guide each child through separation anxiety as they become an independent member of the group. Learning is experiential at this stage and includes participation in sensory motor learning stations, a variety of arts integrated activities, manipulatives, and tactile experiences. With developmentally age appropriate learning centers, the children receive hands on experience in each domain of learning.

Multi-Age Class (35 - 57 months)

Our Multi-Age classes offer numerous activities to enhance your child’s social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development. Starting at 36 months, children entering our Multi-Age classes are immersed in collaborative play and learning as they continue to develop and deepen their language skills. Children interact with their peers, creating connections and fostering their social/emotional development. Experiences with science, social studies, and early math, reading, and writing skills are introduced alongside their emerging ideas and interests and are further deepened in small group learning stations.

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