Community Arts Preschool at Shadelands

Community Arts Preschool at Shadelands is an arts-based, developmental program that focuses on the whole child using the three major preschool domains: social/emotional, physical and cognitive development. Through an integrated approach, each child’s creativity and learning is encouraged using visual arts, music, movement, and the dramatic arts as the foundation of instruction.

We offer three age-specific programs at Shadelands and operate five days a week throughout the year. All classes are half-day (3 hours), morning or afternoon.

Twos Class (24 – 35 months)

For many young children entering our Twos class, this will be their first experience in a school setting without their parents accompanying them. Emphasis is placed on social/emotional development, helping to guide each child through separation anxiety as they become an independent member of the group. Learning is experiential at this stage and includes participation in sensory motor learning stations, a variety of arts integrated activities, manipulatives, and tactile experiences. With developmentally age appropriate learning centers, the children receive hands on experience in each domain of learning.

Threes Class (36 – 47 months)

Our Threes classes are the sequential connection between our Twos classes and our Fours classes. Children are encouraged to explore their creativity through arts while developing strong peer connections and building independent skills. Our project-based curriculum progresses as the children’s emerging thoughts and ideas develop within the group. Continuing our emphasis on social/emotional development is key as we prepare children for our Fours classes.

Fours Class (48 – 57 months)

The Fours classes helps children prepare for Kindergarten or Transitional Kindergarten programs in the coming year. Our curriculum is centered around creative problem solving and self-expression through the arts that includes a “Studio Day” once a week. Projects are driven by the child’s interest and guided by our teachers to provide age appropriate challenges in art, language, math, science, and pre-kindergarten skills with growing challenges throughout the year to promote Kindergarten readiness. Our language rich program helps children to expand their vocabulary, deepening both language and early reading and writing skills.  Please note: The Fours class at Shadelands requires that children be potty-trained at the time of enrollment.

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