Community Arts Preschool

At the Community Arts Preschool program, we believe that a child’s work is play. Our highly experienced and caring teachers provide child-centered, play-based, and arts-integrated experiences inspired by Reggio Emilia practices. You can choose to place your child in a class with two, three, or four year-olds, or in a mixed-age group. 

Each day your child will be a part of an inclusive, safe, and nurturing environment that promotes their unique social, emotional, intellectual and physical development. They’ll work on their language and writing skills while being immersed in fun visual arts, music, movement, and storytelling activities to develop their creativity.  They’ll also have plenty of outside play time and participate in activities led by a specialist in dance or music.

We love to bring our preschool community together with events for the whole family, and hope you’ll join us for special weekend events, our family carnival, class celebrations, and much more throughout the year!

Community Arts Preschool is a part-time, recreational enrichment program of the City of Walnut Creek's Arts and Recreation Department. 

Registration for Summer 2020 and School Year 2020-21 opens online on Monday, February 24, 2020 at 9:00 am.

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Program Goals

  • Enhance a positive self-image, a sense of self-worth and self-direction.
  • Provide appropriate learning experiences through play and the integration of arts using a balance of teacher directed and self-directed activities that will contribute to the needs of children in all areas of development: socially, emotionally, physically and cognitively.
  • Provide meaningful experiences for children as a basis for developing learning skills and concepts.
  • Recognize every child as being "unique", valuing their emerging ideas and individual efforts, along with their need to learn, explore and discover at their own pace.
  • Facilitate learning in an environment in which children are free to learn through concrete experiences and take responsibility for their own choices.
  • Foster responsibility, respect, empathy, and care for the environment.
  • To value the diversity of the community we serve and maintain open communication and understanding with the families in our community.

Our curriculum is a sequential age-appropriate curriculum using the visual arts, music, movement, and dramatic activities to develop creativity. For example, within our visual art curriculum we will use glazed clay, painting, drawing, building, and assembling to develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, in addition to shape and color recognition.

Moving to music and inventing dances, counting out the number of beats, and listing to patterns encourage listening and early number recognition skills. Animated story time, creative dramatics, and puppets promote imagination, language, and social skills. Children are exposed to a wide variety of resource materials for art, drama, movement, and music.

Community Arts Preschool has a long history in the Walnut Creek community, previously known as Fine Arts Preschool. This program is provided through the City of Walnut Creek’s Arts and Recreation Department. It is a part-time, recreational preschool enrichment program, which is not required to be licensed by the State. The Department of Social Services, Child Care Licensing exempts any preschool program, offered by a city recreation department, providing that it is not childcare.

Learn more about Community Arts Preschool by reading our Parent Handbook and FAQs:

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