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Materials Lists

The following materials lists are available in .pdf form by clicking on the class title.  If you do not see a materials list for a class whose description indicates one, please call the office at (925) 943-5846.  Materials lists will be added as they become available in electronic form.

To view or print a .pdf file, you must have the free  Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.


Class Name

Bergren, Gary Portrait & Landscape
Biundo, Laurie Beginning Quilting
Biundo, Laurie Tumbling Blocks the Easy Way
Collingwood, Jason Plainweave Rug Preworkshop Instructions
Dinner, Jacqueline Wire Wrapping
Freeman, Vanessa
Adult Introductory Ballet
Freeman, Vanessa Adult Contemporary Ballet
Freeman, Vanessa Adult Urban Funk
Freeman, Vanessa
Broadway Tap Combo
Freeman, Vanessa
Creative Play with my Adult
Freeman, Vanessa
Preschool Broadway Tap
Freeman, Vanessa
Preschool Dancing Combo
Freeman, Vanessa Teen Contemporary
Freeman, Vanessa Teen Urban Funk
Freeman, Vanessa Youth Contemporary Ballet
Gerachis, Cybele
Abstract Acrylic Painting
Gerachis, Cybele
Abstract & Non Objective Painting
Howett, Pamela Abstract Painting & Collage
Howett, Pamela Abstract Watercolor Landscape Painting
Howett, Pamela Botanical Watercolor
Howett, Pamela
Cold Wax Painting
Howett, Pamela Pastel Drawing & Painting
Howett, Pamela
Pastel Drawing with Wet Media
Howett, Pamela Watercolor & Gouache Explorations
Howett, Pamela
Expressive Watercolor
Jacobo, Monico Advanced Adobe Illustrator for Art
Jacobo, Monico Basic Adobe Illustrator for Art
Jacobo, Monico Concept Character Design
Jacobo, Monico Digital Shirt Design
Jensen, Kathleen Extruded Clay Forms (Beg-Adv)
Lambert, Jeka 4 Simple Books
Lambert, Jeka Artist Inspired Dome Book
Lambert, Jeka Butterfly Book
Lambert, Jeka Colorful Piano Hinge Book
Lambert, Jeka Creative Art
Lambert, Jeka
Art Journals
Lambert, Jeka Paper Brooches
Lambert, Jeka Paper Jewelry
Lambert, Jeka
Handmade Artist Books
Lambert, Jeka Secret Treasure Altered Book
Lambert, Jeka Stab Bound Artist Book
Lambert, Jeka Stab Bound Artist Books Workshop
Lambert, Jeka Triangle Accordion Book
Lambert, Jeka Vertical Fold-Out Book with Dimensional Cover
Mahboob, Seema Bargue Drawing Course for Figurative Art
Mahboob, Seema
Mixed Media Collage
Mahboob, Seema
Painterly Gel Monoprint
Mahboob, Seema Portrait in Panpastel and Charcoal Pencil
Martinez, Marylee Machine Garment Sewing
Mattison, Jody Alla Prima in Oil
Mattison, Jody Figure Painting Like the Old Masters
Mattison, Jody Further Adventures in Color and Light
Mattison, Jody Quick Painting Studies
Mattison, Jody Quick Painting Studies Workshop
Mattison, Jody Painting Still Life Like the Old Masters
Mattison, Jody Painting Still Life with Color and Light
Mattison, Jody Pastel Painting Workshop 1 & 2
Mattison, Jody Portrait & Figure Drawing & Painting - Drawing Materials
Mattison, Jody Portrait & Figure Drawing & Painting - Chalk and Soft Pastels
Mattison, Jody Portrait & Figure Drawing & Painting - Oil/Acrylic
Mattison, Jody Secrets of Color
Mattison, Jody
The Still Life in Chalk Pastel - Fall 2016
Mattison, Jody
Still Life in Chalk Pastel 2 day Workshop
McCumiskey, Melissa Fused Glass (Beg-Adv) 
McCumiskey, Melissa Glass Bead Making
Milukhin, Alexandra
Art Embroidery Applique and Embellishments
Milukhin, Alexandra
Weaving Basics and Beyond
Murakami, Tomoko
Murakami, Tomoko Mokuhanga-Japanese Woodblock Printing
Murakami, Tomoko Silk Painting
Murakami, Tomoko Flowing Paint on Silk
Ogasawara, Maile Intro to Instagram for Artists and Makers
Rasmussen White, Casey Big Beautiful Blooms!
Rasmussen White, Casey
Collage Caravan
Rasmussen White, Casey Exploring Abstract Acrylics
Rasmussen White, Casey Exploring Watercolor
Rasmussen White, Casey
Makers Series Full Bloom
Reynolds, Sue
Autumn Magic at Point Reyes
Reynolds, Sue Create an Incredible Photobook
Reynolds, Sue Wow Landscape Photography
Ruhter, Penny Fused Glass and Slumping
Shapiro, Barbara
Beyond Hex- Small Handled Basket
Shapiro, Barbara
Playing Blue-Painting with Indigo
Shapiro, Barbara
All Coiled Up!
Shapiro, Barbara Lets Have a Ball with Hex
Shapiro, Brian Introduction Digital Photography Homeschoolers
Shapiro, Brian Teen Digital Photography
Siero, Reba Rigid Heddle Loom Weaving Workshop I
Siero, Reba Rigid Heddle Loom Weaving Workshop II
Siero, Reba
Mixed Level Weaving
 Selna, Elizabeth  Drawing: Sketching and Rendering
Taylor, Patsy Drawing Basics
Taylor, Patsy Developing Painting and Drawing Skills (Beg,Int)
Taylor, Patsy Monday Morning Painting (Int-Adv)
Taylor, Patsy Night Painting (Int-Adv)
Taylor, Patsy Palette Knife Painting Workshop
Taylor, Patsy Sketchbook Journal Workshop
Wesler, Moose Introduction to Intaglio and Relief Printmaking
Wheeler, Erin Adventures in Mixed Media
Wheeler, Erin Art & Writing Workshop
Wheeler, Erin Botanical Abstraction Workshop
Wheeler, Erin Collage Diptych
Wheeler, Erin  Color and Collage Winter Quarter
Wheeler, Erin Composition and Collage
Wheeler, Erin
DIY Framing and Mounting
Wheeler, Erin Exploring Art & Writing
Wheeler, Erin Hand Sewing Techiniques for Postcard Collage
Wheeler, Erin Painted Paper Collage
Wheeler, Erin Pop-Up Cards
Wheeler, Erin Shadow Boxes and Dioramas
Wilson, Leslie Watercolor Painting (Int.& Adv.)
Yoshikawa, Fumiyo Sumi-e - Japanese Brush Painting
Yoshikawa, Fumiyo Beginners Sumi-e - Brush Painting
Yoshikawa, Fumiyo Sumi-e Mounting and Seal Making
Yoshikawa, Fumiyo Sumi-e Portraits
Yoshikawa, Fumiyo
Zen Callgraphy
Zagoria, Brittany