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Homeschool FAQs

Who can take homeschool classes?

 Any student who fits the age requirements may enroll in homeschool classes, regardless of whether they are homeschooled or attend a conventional school. The only significant difference between these classes and our standard youth programming is the time of day they are offered.

Can I use charter school vouchers to pay for classes?

Yes! You can use charter school vouchers to enroll your child in any of our youth classes which are listed in the Walnut Creek Arts+Rec Guide, not just the classes with “homeschool” in the title. We are approved vendors for several Charter schools in the Bay Area.  Check your charter’s website to find us on the approved vendors list.

How do I pay with a voucher?

Option 1: If you’re concerned about securing a spot in your chosen class, you can register your child online and pay with your credit card. After the front office receives your voucher, your tuition fee will be refunded.  

Option 2: Or, you can obtain an approved voucher and bring it to the registration desk at the Shadelands Art Center.  Your charter will be charged the class fee directly.  Please be aware that if you use this method you take the risk that the class will fill before you obtain the voucher.   

How and where do I submit the vouchers?

 Printed Vouchers:  If your charter uses paper vouchers, you may drop them off in person, mail, email, or fax them to

Shadelands Art Center
111 N Wiget Ln
Walnut Creek, CA 94598
Fax: (925) 999-9907

All vouchers must be signed to be considered complete, but please leave the date field blank.

*Vouchers do not guarantee your student a spot in the class. If the class fills up before you are able to enroll, or if the class is cancelled, your voucher will be mailed back to you*

Digital Vouchers:  If your program uses digital vouchers, please call the Shadelands Art Center at (925) 943-5846 once it has been approved in order to complete registration for your child.

Withdrawal Policy:

There is a $10 withdrawal fee per student per class.  Your charter will not pay this fee so you must pay for it separately.  Your charter will pay a pro-rated fee for the class sessions your child attended.   

If you leave your charter school before your child’s class has ended, the charter will pay a pro-rated fee for the classes up to the date that you terminated your relationship with them.  You will be expected to pay for the remaining class sessions. 

Our office does not have information about the status of your voucher application or your balance with your voucher provider. Please contact your charter school with any questions that do not directly relate to Center for Community Arts programming and registration.