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Homeschool Classes

Center for Community Arts offers art classes for our homeschool community during the school year! Our classes build your student’s creativity, problem-solving, and critical thinking through visual and performing arts education. Professional teaching artists lead every class in such disciplines as ceramics, drawing, painting, music and digital media and photography. See our Homeschool FAQ page for questions about registration, vouchers and withdrawals.


Fall 2019 Homeschool Classes



Clay for Homeschoolers (ages 5-16)

Community Arts Theater: Homeschool Theater (ages 6-14)

Digital Photography for Homeschoolers (ages 10-18)

Ukulele for Young Kids (ages 4-6)



Homeschool Mixed Media (ages 6-16)

Exploring Wind Instruments for Homeschoolers (ages 7-12)

Violin for Kids (ages 4-5)

Cartooning (ages 8-16)



Fantasy and Fairy Tales: Creative Writing for Homeschoolers (ages 12-18)



Homeschool Exploration Program (ages 6-16)

Kinder Sew Plus Fiber Fun (ages 5-8)

Introduction to Piano (ages 7-9)






 Do you have a suggestion for a homeschool arts class that you would like to see? Email us here.