Ages 8 - 10 Years

With four, two-week camps to attend and various options to choose from, Camp Community Arts offers a range of arts experiences for your child. Join us for half day or full day camps each session. Every day, campers will have the opportunity to work together on fun, imaginative projects and create work that encourages innovation and experimentation - all lead by enthusiastic and caring staff members who love kids! 

Each of our camps have different options that you may select from for our half day and full day camps. Full day campers will also participate in field trips including swimming at Clarke Memorial Swim Center (once a week) and attending an arts field trip or joining an afternoon with Walnut Creek Day Camp (once per camp). All camps will end with a celebration of work on the final Friday of camp - parents will be invited to attend to see what Summer Camp Community Arts is all about!

 *Registration opens Feb. 26, 2020. Please use the following codes when registering for the different camp options online.


Camp 1

June 15 - June 26

Camp 2

June 29 - July 10

Camp 3

July 13 - July 24

Mixed/Visual Arts


Half Day: 23107

Full Day: 22205


Half Day: 23109

Full Day: 22209


Half Day:23111

Full Day: 22214




Half Day: 23106

Full Day: 22204


Half Day: 23108

Full Day: 22208


Half Day: 23110

Full Day: 22212


Mixed Art


Half Day: 22202

Fully Day: 22206


Half Day: 22207

Full Day: 22210


Half Day: 22211

Full Day: 22215


Additional Options

Morning Care: 22175

After Care: 22184

 Morning Care: 22176

After Care: 22189

Morning Care: 22177

After Care: 22190

 *Classes are subject to change. Based on enrollment, classes options may be combined together. 

July 27-August 7  -  Camp 4

Camp 4 will not have specific options to choose from. Campers will participate in an assortment of arts classes throughout their camp experience at Shadelands Art Center. Please use the following codes for Camp 4 when registering online:

Morning Care: 22178

Half Day: 22216

Full Day: 22219

After Care: 22195


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