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Exhibition Schedule

Shadelands Art Center

Walnut Creek Staff art show up from September 26th until November 29th.

Judith Feins exhibition of paintings at Shadelands December 6th - February 6th

Jeka Lambert jewelry exhibition in the cabinets December 6th - February 6th 2017

City Hall

Judith Moore exhibition of tapestries in First Floor Gallery from Oct 7th - Dec. 7th

Tom Donahoe exhibition of photos in First Floor Gallery from Dec- 7th - Feb 7th

Wayne Lawson and John Templeton City Hall 3rd Floor western photos/portraits show July 28th - November 16th 

Jeff Smith portraits Third Floor November 16 - January 28

Boundary Oak

Abstract art group show featuring Jackie Shepler, Pam Howett, Vicki Pierpont, and Judith Rohrer from August 11- Nov. 11th

Abstract art group show featuring Lynn Smith, Deborah Dodge, David Vanderjagt, and Jan Loomis from Nov. 11th - Feb. 11th

Heather Farm

An exhibition of Lynn Smith's photographs from  Sept 1 - Dec 1st

An exhibition of  Vicki Pierpont's paintings December 1- February 1st