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Exhibition Schedule

Shadelands Art Center

Judith Feins Landscape Paintings: December 6th - March 2nd

Patsy Taylor;s  Students Exhibition of installation works March 2nd - April 10th

Annual Youth Art Show: April 10th - May 8th

Olga Jusidman ceramic vessels in the cabinets February 15 - April 15

City Hall

Jan Loomis Abstract Paintings in the First Floor Gallery: Feb 15 - April 15th

Jeff Smith's Photographic Portraits  in the Third Floor Gallery Nov. 15th - March 8th

"Coastlines" an exhibition of Tom Donahue and Lynn Smiths photographs: March 8 - June 8th

Boundary Oak

Roswitha Kress Landscape Paintings and Pastels: Feb 11th - May 11th

Heather Farm

Vicki Pierpont Abstract Paintings December 1- March 2nd

Barbara Plowman photos of Heather Farm:  March 2 - June 2nd