Ages 11 - 14 Years

Camp Community Arts is a wonderful time for campers ages 11 - 14 years to delve into areas in the arts they feel passionate about while exploring new interests and still have time for the fun-filled activities of summer like swimming  and hanging out with friends. With four, two-week camps to attend and various options to choose from, Camp Community Arts offers a range of arts experiences for campers. Join us for half day or full day camps each session.

Each of our camps have different options that you may select from for our half day and full day camps. All camps will end with a celebration of work on the final Friday of camp - parents will be invited to attend to see what Summer Camp Community Arts is all about!

*Classes are subject to change

Dance / Performing Arts (Option A and Option B)*

Half Day - Our half day camp includes daily classes in:

  • Camp 1: Drawing, Theater, African Dance / Drumming

  • Camp 2: Music, Theater, Visual Arts

  • Camp 3: Theater, Music, African Dance / Drumming

*Option A and Option B have been combined for 11 - 14 year old campers.

Visual Arts (Option C)

Half Day - Our half day camp includes daily classes in:

  • Camp 1: Digital Arts, Clay, Mixed Media Arts

  • Camp 2:Music, Theater, Visual Arts*

  • Camp 3: Clay, Digital Arts, Mixed Media

*Option C has been combined with Option A and B for Camp 2 due to enrollment.

Full Day

 Our full day camp includes the above half day morning options plus the following afternoon classes:

  • Camp 1: Digital Arts and Visual Arts

  • Camp 2: Illustration and Theater

  • Camp 3: Digital Arts and Mixed Media

Full day campers will also participate in recreation activities including swimming at Clarke Memorial Swim Center (once a week), attending an arts field trip (once per camp) and joining an afternoon with Walnut Creek Day Camps (once per camp).

Please use the following codes when registering for the different camp options online with EZ Reg.


Camp 1

June 19 - June 30


Camp 2

July 3 - July 14


Camp 3

July 17 - July 28


Option A:



Half Day: 34747

Full Day: 34744


Half Day: 34753

Full Day: 34750


Half Day: 34759

Full Day: 34756


Option B:

Performance Arts


Half Day: 34748

Full Day: 34745


Half Day: 34754

Full Day: 34751


Half Day: 34760

Full Day: 34757


Option C:

Visual Arts


Half Day: 34749

Full Day: 34746


Half Day: 34755

Full Day: 34752


Half Day: 34761

Full Day: 34758



Additional Options

Morning Care: 34696

After Care: 34700

Morning Care: 34697

After Care: 34701

Morning Care: 34698

After Care: 34702

*Camp 4 will take place at Shadelands Art Center and will not have specific options to choose from. Campers will participate in an assortment of arts classes throughout their camp experience. Please use the following codes for Camp 4 when registering online with EZ Reg:

Morning Care: 32517

Morning Care: 34699

Half Day: 34763

Full Day: 34762

After Care: 34703


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